Back Pain | Treatment and Herbal Remedies for Back Muscle Pain

Back muscle pain is affecting the great majority of adults. It is the most common form of pain and its severity can vary depending on various factors. It is usually caused by either a muscle strain or a sprain. In most of the cases it doesn’t have serious medical consequences, but it is terribly disturbing and sometimes it can even signalize other health conditions. The muscle strain refers to the fat that somehow the muscle fibers were damaged, this producing pain. The sprain, on the other hand, occurs when the ligaments are being affected. There is over the counter medication for back muscle pain, but many people tend to avoid it, due to the side effects it might have. Those with recurring back muscle pain are not very thrilled about the perspective of taking pills for a prolonged period of time.

Back muscle pain can also be relieved with help of natural remedies. Massage, especially if it is done with Rum atone Gold oil, relaxes the muscles and eliminates the pain. This oil also has the capacity of stimulating the rebuild of cells, so the healing of an injury will come faster. Arnica oil mixed with calendula oil and St John’s Wort oil is highly effective in back muscle pain. Another remedy for topical use is capsaicin cream. Capsaicin is a natural extract from red or cayenne pepper and it is not yet clear how it succeeds in reducing the pain, but it certainly does. Some researchers state that capsaicin helps the body to release endorphins, substances that our body naturally produces for fighting pain.

Treatment for Back Pain:

1) Flyes, or modified Rows- Hold a pair of medium-sized hand-weights or dumbbells. Lean over, making your torso parallel with the floor. For a reverse flye, raise your arms up to the sides, keeping the elbows just slightly bent throughout the movement. Your goal is to squeeze the muscles between your shoulder blades.

2) Opposition Arm-Leg Raise- This simple floor exercise is to elongate the torso, lengthening your spine. This makes you feel taller. Kneel on a mat first. Raise your right arm and left leg at the same time. Focus on lengthening them as you lift them. Then do the same with the left arm and right leg. Notice that you are using the leg opposite the arm.

3) Rotational Stretches- To loosen up the muscles between your neck and lower back, you need to stretch with a gentle twist. Do these when you take a break from your desk at work, or when you stop for a rest while driving.

4) Cardio- How does this help the mid-back? Cardio, or aerobic exercise, improves blood-flow and loosens joints. It’s as simple as running an errand, or taking a brisk walk. Cardio is critical for all-over health, which carries over to back muscles.

Herbal Remedies for Back Pain:

In osteoarthritis cartilage damage allows the bones of the joint to rub each other which causes severe joint pain during the movement, this damage to the joint changes the joint configuration for worst and muscles attached to the joints get swollen and painful to further aggravate the pain. In rheumatoid arthritis the tissues of muscles are attacked by the immune system of the body which can make them painful, swollen and weak. Such muscles are unable to move the joints and cause pain. Use of herbs which are helpful in relieving pain and inflammation along with massages and exercises can alleviate the pain. Herbs like Ashwagandha, nettle leaf, devil’s claw and boswellia have been used since ages for pain relief in joint and muscles due to arthritis.

Reasons for gout arthritis is deposition of urate crystals in the tissues, tendons, muscles and ligaments which later cause infection in the synovial fluid to promote problems in the mobility of the joints. Tissues of the muscles get weak and prone to infection after deposition of urate crystals which come with blood. Tendonitis is a disease related to tendons which makes tendons swell. These swelled tendons can exert extra pressure on the muscles to promote joint pain and inflammation. Weakening of muscles due to any other infection, disease or disorder not directly linked with joint can also promote joint pain. Weak muscles get exhausted with minimum physical activity and cause joint pain, such pains can subside by treating the bigger problem. Such problems are hyper and hypothyroidism, diabetes, bursitis, fibromyalgia etc.

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Any injury or trauma which has damaged a part of musculoskeletal system like nerve damage or multiple fractures can also initiate pain in muscles or joint. With the initial symptoms of swollen joints it shall be treated and if general treatments like massages and pain killing herbs and ointment are not working medical opinion shall be taken. Light exercises like yoga, aerobics and exercises in water pool helps a lot in pain relief and reduction of inflammation. These also increase endurance of joints and muscles which augurs well for smooth and pain free movement. Strenuous exercises shall be avoided during inflammation.

The Secret to Curing Back Muscle Pain

Back muscle pain is the most common reason people call out from work. Most of population will experience back pain at some point in their lives and be searching for back pain relief. Do you know how to cure back pain?

A sore back can be caused by muscular dysfunction, but it can also be caused by a slipped or ruptured disc, spinal arthritis or a pinched nerve. The first step in curing your back pain is determining what caused it. Back pain caused by muscular dysfunction is more easily treated than these other causes.

Treatments for Back Pain

Treatments for back pain vary depending on the cause of the pain.

The first course of action for dealing with back pain is usually rest. The pain in your back is usually caused by a muscle injury from straining to lift something or even from just moving in the wrong way. Rest will give the muscle time to heal.

Pain Killers
A doctor may prescribe pain killers to ease your pain. The problem with using pain killers for your pain is that it addresses the symptom without addressing the cause. Your pain is gone but whatever has caused your pain is left untreated.

Anti-Inflammatory Medication
These medications reduce swelling thereby reducing the pain you experience, but still don’t address the reason the swelling is occurring.

Muscle Relaxers
These medications relieve muscle spasms and loosen tense muscles.

If other methods fail, surgery is preformed to deal with the problem. Surgery for back pain is performed on fewer than 1 out of 100 people who experience back pain. If your pain is muscular in nature surgery is not required.

Muscle Imbalance and Pain
If you’re suffering from chronic back muscle pain, muscle imbalance may be the cause. Muscles work in teams that oppose each other. Let’s look at the at the arm as an example. There’s a muscle on the front of the upper arm called the bicep. Most people are familiar with that. The bicep is used the bend your elbow. On the back of the upper arm are the triceps which are used to straighten the elbow. If either of these muscles get hypertonic or too tight it would cause pain in the area.

The same thing is true for the back. The muscles of your upper back hold it up straight. The muscles in your chest counter balance those muscles and can be used to pull your shoulders forward and round your back. The muscles in your chest are quite strong and commonly used. It’s not uncommon for them to become hypertonic. When they become too tight they constantly pull your shoulders forward rounding the upper back. This causes your upper back muscles to become hypertonic or stretched out.

Once the muscles in the back are chronically stretched the tissue in the muscles becomes stuck together. This restricts the flow of blood and lymph in the area and causes that steady ache to occur in your upper back.

Muscular imbalances can effect all parts of your body. Let’s look at an example in the lower back. The muscles on the front of your thighs attach the your pelvis. If these muscles become hypertonic or too tight they pull on your pelvis. Your pelvis reacts by tilting downward. The downward tilt of the pelvis increases the arch in the lower back. The compression in that region that results from this exaggerated arch causes back pain.

When muscle imbalances occur strengthening weak muscles and loosening tight muscles will get rid of the pain you’re experiencing. While strengthening exercises can be used to restore proper tone to tired stretched out muscles, massage and stretching exercises can loosen tight muscles restoring balance to that area of the body and healing your pain.

Lower Back Muscle Pain – The TCM Perspective

In Chinese Medicine, pain occurs when there is obstruction in the flow of Qi and Blood through the channels, organs and tissues. Pain is most often a subjective ailment involving physiological, emotional and psychological issues and can thus be quite difficult to treat, especially more so in the Western medical paradigm, as western science has only in very recent times, understood and acknowledged the importance of the emotional and psychological factors in causing diseased states.

Where Western Medical Science has failed dismally in treating and controlling pain, especially when it is of a chronic nature, Chinese Medicine and especially acupuncture, has filled the void quite admirably. In fact, the first forays of genuine interest in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture were established in the 1950’s, when the first reports of operations under acupuncture analgesia were reported from China. Since then, many studies into the efficacy of acupuncture analgesia have been conducted both in the Western and Chinese arenas. Today, although Acupuncture has achieved world fame, the general community as a whole, is more familiar and comfortable with the pain relieving effectiveness of acupuncture than with the therapy as a complete form of medicine, equal to if not more powerful than the Western model.

In China, acupuncture has been used for thousands of years as a treatment for pain relief. In TCM, pain is seen as a symptom which manifests when there is a disharmony in the free flow of Qi and Blood ie.when Qi/Blood is blocked or obstructed, pain occurs.

In order to accurately interpret pain and to facilitate appropriate treatment strategies,
the symptom of pain (Qi and Blood stagnation in TCM) has to be analyzed according to the 8 Patterns of Differentiation –

-Interior (li)/Exterior (biao)
This parameter defines the location of pain whether it is relatively superficial or deep. It can reside in any of the anatomical positions – superficially along the pathways of the channels and collaterals or deeper in the bones and Zang fu.

Superficial Pain (Luo and Meridians)-
This type of pain will generally reflect an invasion by an external pathogenic factor and the disorder does not last for very long. Changes in environmental conditions can affect symptoms, for better or worse. By locating which area of the body is painful by palpation, the exact channel involved can be located.

Deeper Pain-
The pain is experienced at a deeper level, with a wider range of symptoms, associated with one or two organs. Usually, there is no recent history of pathogenic invasion and the illness can be chronic. Pain is usually in the proximity of the Organ or in an area that corresponds to that Organ. Organ theory (Zang fu Theory) is used as differential diagnosis.

-Cold (han)/Heat (re)
This parameter establishes the nature of pain. Cold pain is accompanied by a cold sensation and reduced local temperature. Pain aggravated by cold and alleviated by heat, indicates either deficiency of yang Qi or Cold pathogen. Cold slows the circulation of Qi and Blood and promotes the emergence of pain.
Heat pain is accompanied by a hot, burning sensation. There may be local redness and swelling. This type of pain which is aggravated by heat and alleviated by cold, indicates either yin Deficiency or an attack of pathogenic Heat.

This parameter reflects the state of Qi and the presence of pathogenic Qi
Pain from deficiency which improves with pressure or local support, means that Qi is deficient.
Pain from excess, which is aggravated with pressure, indicates that pathogenic Qi
is present.

The pain associated with Qi disorders is usually generally deeper than that associated with channels and collaterals. There is usually no history of invasion by an external pathogen but the aggravation or relief of symptoms can frequently be associated with an emotional/psychological disturbance.

This parameter qualifies the type of pain.
A yin type pain is dull, throbbing, and constant, of moderate intensity, chronic, deep, aggravated at night.
A yang pain is sharp, violent, paroxysmal, stabbing, burning intense, superficial.
The Yin/Yang parameter incorporates the 6 others and allows the practioner to pinpoint the origin of the symptom.

These 8 parameters must be studied in relation to one another in order to distinguish Deficiency and Excess in relation to Heat and Cold, to Interior and Exterior, to Yin and Yang. Once the patient’s symptoms have been collated with the findings of all the above parameters, the site of the disease and the nature of the disease will be able to be determined.


TCM can be a very effective method of recognizing and treating different types of pain and can be particulry useful in the diagnosis of back pain and lower back pain.
Different patterns of lower back muscle pain can be treated with acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.

In saying that other methods including hypnotherapy and naturathopy can also be employed to help manage back pain. Yoga can certainly be beneficial in the management of back pain.

Find Out About Back Pain Muscle Spasms

Back again Ache Muscle Spasms are no fun. Back Discomfort is common result in of be concerned for several folks. However it might be happening as a result of any kind damage to the again. In case of such damage the entire body mechanism attempts to protect the again from damage. This protective response just isnt voluntary. The muscle spasm means the muscle fibers are contracted like a response to the injuries or irritation.

Back again discomfort muscle spasms give indication from the damage for the vertebrae discs or ligaments. The cause of muscle spasms can be sudden damage to spinal cord or even the muscles and tissue about it. If theres any irritation or nerve compression because of every other difficulty muscle spasm may take place.

The muscle spasms may give acute pain across the region of damage. The contracted muscle tissue outcome in tremendous muscle tightening. This normally happens in cycles and it lasts for couple of seconds or minutes. Following a specific exercise this symptoms are seen. They may be lowered after a while of rest.

The back again discomfort muscle spasms are handled within a conventional way assuming theres no significant injury towards the spinal cord and vertebrae. It is often suggested to contact your medical doctor instantly to obtain a relief through the pains. You might experience the adjustments inside the bowl and bladder motion. You could experience unstable while walking. At times numbness and

Ache is faced in arms and legs. You may have to struggle the discomfort while lying down and you also evening might be sleepless. Fever and bodyweight reduction can also be skilled by many people.

In case you are going through any of those problems using the back again discomfort then its much better to seek the advice of the specialist. In case you are facing only back again discomfort due to muscle spasms you can do one thing by yourself and also the ache is lowered and inflammation can be reduced.

It is hard but definitely useful to maintain your regimen activities going on. You might have to do it at a slower pace. If any specific activity leads to rising pains you then ought to steer clear of it. Just resting in bed will not help a lot. On the other hand light exercise encourages the quicker recovery.

Ice aids to avoid irritation. The ice packed in cloth can be applied for the inflamed region for ten to 20 minutes at a time. This can be repeated numerous occasions within a day. Even though ice assists to cut back swelling it could give numbness to tissues if applied for more than 20 minutes at a time. So consider treatment of not to extend it above twenty minutes. Added time may possibly outcome in a lot more tightening of muscle tissues and inflamed tissues.

Once the ice application is finished you can use hot water software after very first three days. It assists to lessen tightening muscles when the irritation is gone. Heat ought to be created moist rather than dry one particular. Youll be able to use heating pad or hot h2o shower or perhaps Jacuzzi.

Massage therapy will be the useful to improve the blood circulation. It can give relief from anxiety.

After recovery through the back again discomfort muscle spasms stretches are advised that is useful to boost the versatility.